Finding an Expert Auto Repair Service for High-End Import Vehicles

Men and women who own high-end import cars often have made this choice for a few distinct reasons. They may admire the brand and appreciate its reliability. They may love the appearance of the car they bought and the way it handles. Some focus on engine and transmission performance the most. No matter what the reason for the purchase, these vehicle owners want skilled, reputable service when repair work is needed. They may do an online search for Greensboro Auto Repair Service, Auto Repair Service near me.

When U.S. consumers consider buying certain vehicles, they may be curious about whether they match the most common demographics of other purchasers. Demographic information includes characteristics like age group, gender, education and ethnicity. It also can be interesting to learn which brands are the most popular in the nation and worldwide. People may already have a good sense of this just from their own personal observations.

Three Popular Brands

Around the world, three luxury car brands are the most popular. The bulk of the high-end car buying market chooses Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. This accounts for about 80 percent of consumers. This does not cover all import brands, of course. In the United States, for example, Honda and Toyota are extremely popular brands. Volvo is also very much in favor among U.S. consumers. However, these brands are not considered high-end or luxury.

In the United States, Mercedes-Benz and BMW dominate the market. Depending on the year, both sell around 28,000 to 31,000 vehicles in this country, with Mercedes-Benz tending to come out ahead by a few thousand. What happens in 2020 remains to be seen, with car sales down 40 to 50 percent by mid-May from what analysts would normally expect.

Finding Expert Repair Service

Automotive technicians who concentrate fully on these kinds of vehicles are in demand by owners who want to count on highly skilled repair service. They want to be sure that broken and failed components are replaced with the best auto parts and not cheap alternatives. Searching for a garage that focuses on luxury import cars in their area is their strategy for accomplishing this goal.